Rates, Deposits, and Payments

PLEASE NOTE All rates are based on double occupancy per bedroom unless otherwise specified. We will confirm the number of bedrooms that you need when we contact you to complete your reservation.

If the dates of your reservation are within 30 days from the date the reservation is made, the entire amount of the rent – plus the security deposit - shall be required on the date the reservation is made.

If the reservation is beyond 30 days, an advance (minimum) deposit of 1/2 the rent is required the date the reservation is made.

The balance of the rent + a security deposit must be received no later than 30 days in advance of the reservation date.

Deposit & balance due payments not received within these established time frames may result in the automatic cancellation of your reservation.

We accept payment by credit card - VISA, MASTERCARD, or Discover

CHECK-IN -- after 3:30 PM



Cancellations will not be accepted within the period 30 days prior to the reservation date and the Renter shall be obligated to pay the entire rental amount and all fees or charges other than the Security Deposit.

Mendocino Preferred will attempt to re-rent the rental property and, if it is re-rented, the Renter’s deposit shall be refunded less a $50 cancellation fee.

Cancellations are accepted and deposits will be refunded if Mendocino Preferred is notified before the 30-day period prior to the date of the reservation.

In all cases, however, a cancellation fee of $50 will be deducted from the Renter’s deposit. 

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit is required in the amount of $350.

The Security Deposit shall be returned within 15 days following the date of departure, less any damages to the premises or the rental property furnishings, or the value of any missing items belonging to the property, or excessive cleaning or repair to the rental property.  


Pet Policies

You have been authorized to have pet(s) - dogs only - at the rental property and you have agreed to pet provisions in your rental agreement. Please note and abide by the provisions of this Pet Policy: Renters will be charged for additional cleaning, if necessary, for soiling or smells caused by pets.


FURNITURE: Pets are not allowed on any furniture... DO NOT allow your dog to sleep on a bed, sofa or chair.


OUTSIDE: Pets should never be outside the rental house without Renter supervision, and, when outside the house, pets must be on a leash. Never allow them to roam or run free. This policy also applies to public parks and beaches. Pets should never be allowed to enter any neighboring property.


DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET ALONE AT THE HOUSE: Never, at any time, leave pets alone at the rental property. When owners leave the property, pets must be taken with the owners. We have had incidents where a dog has been locked into a bathroom or bedroom – with the result of serious scratching damage on the door. Your dog is in a strange house – alone – and wants to get out. That damage might mean a new door at a cost to you. Please be a good neighbor and take measures to keep dogs from excessive barking.


PET DROPPINGS: Pet droppings any place on the property - must be picked up by pet owners and disposed of in the trash cans. This area abounds in wildlife – deer, rabbits, squirrels, turkeys & other birds, and the occasional skunk. Do not allow your pet to chase them or disturb them.


Any violations of this Pet Policy may result in the forfeiture of your security deposit. We have, from time to time, heard complaints from neighboring property owners about pets at the rental properties – outside without a leash, excessive barking, pets crossing onto their private properties, etc. Please give our neighbors the courtesy of not allowing your pet to be a nuisance to them.